CEO Greetings

PHA will open the future of the bigger automobile industry with commitment to the world first.

ChairmanKim, Sang Tae

  • Vision of PHA to be the world's best company

    We have the ambitious goal of becoming the world's best company to lead the field of domestic automobile door moving systems and to produce the best products in the world.

  • Global Network of PHA which extends to all over the world

    PHA has grown into a well-established global company with 9 factories and 2 laboratories in 5 domestic regions, and also 9 factories and 3 laboratories in 7 overseas countries. Based on the advanced technology and global network of PHA, we would like to promote the status of the Korean automobile industry to the world.

  • A global partner for humanity and the future! A world filled with hope! A world full of happiness!

    As a global top-tier company in the 21st century, PHA family promises to do our best to satisfy customers with the spirit of the craftsmen, based on the highest technology and trust. Thank you.