• Door Products

    Door Checker

    The door checker is an internal part of the car which is installed between the door and the body of the car to maintain open status, and protects the pedestrian (or vehicle next to) using the door edge when the door is suddenly closed.

  • Door Products

    Door Module

    Known as the door module or glass gear and is mounted on the door of a vehicle body. The window regulator and the door parts (Door Latch, Speaker, Harness, etc.) are mounted on the door module panel by glass fastening and glass up/down operation to shorten the door assembling process and time at vehicle inline assembly.

  • Door Products

    Window Regulator

    Known as the window regulator or regulator and is mounted on the door of vehicle body. The glass is fastened and moves up/down to provide ventilation for the vehicle interior and provide convenience of the passengers.

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