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    Endgate Handle

    The end gate handle is a part mounted on the gate for loading and unloading pickup trucks. It is equipped with a keyset, a camera, and a touch pad inside the handle to lock/unlock the end gate or open the gate mechanically/electrically.

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    Touch Pad Switch

    It is mounted on the tail gate and endgate handle and acts to apply the electrical signal when the corresponding gate is powered on.

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    Fuel Filler Opener

    The fuel door opener is attached to the fuel door housing and engages with the hook shape inside the fuel door to maintain and release the closed state of the fuel door, thereby facilitating operation convenience of the fuel door and preventing fuel theft.

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    Injection Parts

    We design and manufacture the major injection parts of the product in order to realize reliability and superior quality.

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    Stamping Parts

    Based on our excellent technology, we are manufacturing key components press parts.

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