Supply Chain

Establish global competitiveness through strategic purchasing

(establish robust purchasing competitiveness to respond to the evolving technology landscape and cost competition)

  • Align a new technology supply system

  • Ensure strategic partner management
    (introduce environmental/social risk assessments for partners)

  • Realign our purchasing organization and process
    (Expand environmental/social issue assessments in selecting partners)

  • Advance our purchasing system

Shared Growth Activity

  • Network reinforcement

    • Operate the Shared Growth Committee
    • Operate the partner cooperation council
    • Operate partner networking meetings
  • Monitoring

    • Conduct ethical management surveys
  • Financing

    • Support financing at a cost/free of cost
  • Technology

    • Jointly develop new technology
  • Competitiveness enhancement

    • Provide capacity building training
    • Conduct regular partner assessments

Conflict Mineral Management

  • 2022

    • Develop a conflict mineral policy
    • Collect the responsible mineral sourcing pledges signed by partners
    • Produce and communicate guidelines for partners specifying conflict minerals and their management
  • 2023

    • Implement awareness building activities for partners
      (Conduct presentations and trainings)
    • Collect the CMRT/CRT prepared by partners and verify risks
    • Publish conflict mineral reports
  • 2024

    • Provide partner trainings and continue to conduct surveys (CMRT/CRT)
      (CMRT / CRT)