Sustainability Management

A respected global company · PHA CSR
· A respected global citizen

PHA Co., Ltd. complies with ISO 26000 and extends it to overseas corporations for efficient CSR activities.

  • Human Rights/Labor Practices

    • Open employment policy
    • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
    • Welfare system and occupational safety & health
    • Establishment of employment stability and labor-management trust
    • Human resource development support
  • Environment, safety and health.

    • ISO 14001 Establishment of Environmental System
    • Disclosure and Management of Chemical Information.
    • Efficient use and saving of resources.
    • ISO 45001 Establishment of Safety and Health System.
    • Compliance with Safety and Health Laws and Education.
    • Creating a Safe Working Environment and Promoting Health.
  • Social Contribution

    • Creation of community employment
    • A sincere taxpayer corporation
    • Donations and volunteer activities
    • Operation of Peace Great Tree Welfare Foundation
  • Organizational Governance

    • Ethics (Transparent) Management
    • Operate apart from board of directors
    • Disclosure of corporate information
  • Customer Satisfaction

    • HMC/KMC quality 5Star
    • GM Supplier of The Year
    • 5R50A Implementation
  • Win-win Cooperation

    • Fostering quality technology
    • SQ mark acquisition support
    • PHA Global Forum