transparent business

Mid/long-term Key Strategic Direction

Embed a culture of integrity into business operations by establishing an ethical management system
Implement preemptive anti-corruption activities Disseminate ethics awareness through ethics training for employees
Strengthen internal/external communication on ethical management

Key Activity

  • Corruption

    • All employees pledge to practice ethical norms (annually)
    • Anti-corruption incident reporting through e-petition and Transparent handling with whistle blow process
  • Anti-competitive

    • All employees pledge not to engage in acts that hinder fair competition and prohibit unfair competition, such as providing and receiving bribes related to suppliers and interested person, and illegal solicitation.
  • Responsible
    information security

    • We strictly observe security by receiving a security pledge for newcomers, retired employees, and outsourced employees.
    • It does not infringe on the trade secrets and information of other companies and others in contractual relationships, and regularly checks the network security status.