Information Security

Build a culture of security through responsible security management

  • Managerial security

    • Security policy management
    • Information security training
    • Security Council operation
  • Physical security

    • Control over information asset entry/exit
    • Professional security guard operation
    • Access card management
  • Technical security

    • Data breach management
    • System utility assessment
    • System investment

Information Security Guidelines

01We do not use the information obtained in relation to work for personal gains under any circumstances.

02We do not randomly disclose the information obtained from the Company, customers and partners to third parties.

03We do not engage in any arbitrary distortion of information on customers and partners, the spread of false information, or unauthorized data damage.

04We bolster management controls and security measures for the Company’s information security.

05We embed information security into our day-to-day work. (do not leave key materials unattended when away and ensure the complete disposal of key documents)