Environmental Policy

Compliance with SHE laws for human life

As a manufacturer specializing in DOOR MOVING SYSTEM for automobiles, PHA will contribute to the local community and country, and become the best preferred company through customer satisfaction.

To this end, we will minimize the environmental impact of products and activities, and meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders through continuous improvement activities in the environment, afety and health (SHE) and establishment of a safety culture.

  • 01

    Recognizing the importance of environment, safety and health, maintain, manage, and improve environmental, safety and health systems in all products and activities of the company to maintain a safe and clean workplace from disasters.

  • 02

    We check and comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws, industrial safety laws, and other requirements related to the company, and documents related information, including environment, safety and health policies, so that it can be distributed and viewed to internal and external stakeholders.

  • 03

    In order to satisfy the environmental, safety and health management system, including the environmental, safety and health manual, we establish and promote detailed goals to achieve company-wide environmental, safety and health goals as well as education and training for executives and employees, and conduct continuous improvement activities.

  • 04

    As one of the leading companies in implementing the environmental, safety and health management system, we fulfill our social responsibility for the public relations of mankind through environmental preservation and safety and health accident-free activities.

The future of the automobile industry

All executives and employees of PHA shall implement all procedures of the environmental, safety and health management system to realize the above environmental, safety and health policies, and maintain and manage the certification system through constant improvement activities.

Environmental, Safety and Health Certification Status