Personnel system

Dreams and Vision for the Future

PHA will be together for your dreams and vision for the future.

  • Annual salary system : differentiation of compensation according to ability and performance

Recruitment Type

Category Bachelor/Master's Degree New Entry Career Experience/Ph.D Overseas Talent
Type Open Recruitment Occasional recruitment

Recruitment Process


  • Students with a bachelor's degree or higher (including new graduates)
  • Applicant who has no reason to disqualify trip abroad
  • For male applicant, who has finished military service or are exempted
  • Those who have the following official English language scores
  • Those who have experience and qualifications that match the recruitment announcement (experienced)

Preferential Treatment

  • Those who are children of national merit or national patriots
  • Those who have excellent language ability
  • Those with relevant certificate and work experience
Employee Grade System
  • CL5 General Manager/Principal Researcher
  • CL4 Deputy Manager/Chief Researcher
  • CL3 Manager/Senior Researcher
  • CL2 Assistant Manager/Head Researcher
  • CL1 Employee/Researcher (4-year college graduate)
Evaluation System
  • Performance (KPI) Assessment Competence Assessment
  • Reward Promotion/Relocation, Training
In-house welfare system
  • Support for children academic expenses
  • Perform health check-up/Operate in-house medical room
  • Supports various congratulations and condolence items
  • Support picnic cost/group activity cost/summer vacation cost/vehicle fuel cost
  • Support staff recreation center
  • Operate on-site cafeteria and convenience store
  • Various welfare facilities (gym/shower room/employee rest room/roof garden, etc.)
  • Operate commuter bus
  • Present holiday/anniversary/birthday gift certificate
In-house award system
  • Best / Superior employee award
  • Outstanding employee award
  • Long-term employment award
  • Others : Diligency Award, Efficiency enhancement award, Non-hazard safety award, Proposal award, Cost saving award, etc.
Vacation system
  • Annual/Monthly vacation leave
  • Summer vacation leave
  • Awarded leave for being a long-term employee
Corporate culture
  • Strengthen communication channels between department managers
  • Expansion of praise culture: Praise coupon system, Praise thumbs up
  • Employee volunteer corps operation and activities
Common Training
  • Core Value
    PHC Group common core value training that every member of the company must possess and practice
  • New Employee TrainingLearn basic knowledge and business manners needed in the early days of company life
  • Leadership TrainingLeadership Training by executive/team leader level
  • Mentoring TrainingMentoring training for early work adjustment
  • Individual Competency TrainingIndividual competency improvement training through reading communication/e-learning process
Job Training
  • In-house Group TrainingSystematically training job competence and knowledge using in-house lecturers
  • External Educational TrainingSystematically training job competence and knowledge using external training institutions
Global Education
  • Training of Overseas Subsidiaries ExecutivesBusiness Management (MBA) and Global Competency Training for Overseas Subsidiary Management
  • Expatriate TrainingHelping you adapt to new environments and work successfully
  • Language EducationSupport foreign language learning and language test expenses to improve global competency
Education and Training System