Sustainability Management

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PHA Co., Ltd. complies with ISO 26000 and extends it to overseas corporations for efficient CSR activities.

Sponsorship for local communities

According to our annual CSR expenditure plan, we donate to the PHC Great Tree Welfare Foundation each quarter and make in-kind donations to local welfare facilities. In 2021, we provided food and face masks among others to vulnerable seniors, and books and reading desks to children and teens. In partnership with local communities, we will remain committed to offer much-needed support in a timely manner.

Operating an executive volunteer group

We operate an executive volunteer group joined by all our 18 executives in Korea to take the lead in undertaking CSR activities and establish a culture of fulfilling social responsibility. Each group consists of six to seven executives to provide meals in place of soup kitchens: they package and serve food for low-income seniors in local communities who often find it difficult to physically visit soup kitchens. By implementing CSR activities at all levels including executives, we will continue to contribute to our local communities.

Employee volunteering

We team up with local community welfare centers to plan necessary volunteer activities and provide employees with an opportunity to contribute. These activities are undertaken in in-person format in principle, and involve serving free meals for seniors living alone, environmental clean-ups, and blood donation campaigns each year. In 2021, virtual activities were implemented amid the spread of COVID-19: employees made mood lights, pop-up books, mask lanyards, and photo frames and delivered them to vulnerable children and seniors through welfare centers. As governmental COVID-19 guidelines ease, we will implement both in-person and virtual volunteering and will supplement such activities by giving employee families an opportunity to join.