Quality Management

Pursue ultimate quality cost savings to contribute to PHA’s profitability

  • Achieve zero PPM

  • Maximize the efficiency of global quality management

  • Establish an innovative quality assurance system

1. Improve our current quality competitiveness

  • Engage in prevention activities through initial quality improvement
  • Prevent process failures by abiding by the basic
  • Bring customer satisfaction through improved detection
  • Reduce cost through quality assurance

2. Secure future quality drivers

  • Establish electronic parts standards to proactively respond to the shifting future landscape
  • Advance processes for key operations
  • Level-up partners to strengthen partner management
  • Quick corrective action

  • Data reliability measures and analysis

  • Reliability Engineering system

  • Prediction and management

Quality certification (IATF 16949)

  • Headquarters

  • Seongseo 1 plant

  • Seongseo 2 plant

  • Oedong Plant

  • Asan Plant

  • Hyeonpung Plant