Ethical management, Message from CEO

  • Hello, Seong Hyun Hur, CEO of PHA.

    Hello, I am Seong Hyun Hur, CEO of PHA.
    The main codes of the business environment these days are 'ethics' and 'trust'.
    'Ethics' and ‘Trust' are core elements of corporate management that are no different from the corporate values that a company has built up over the years or decades, and we emphasize its importance first in our core values.

    These days, no matter how large a company is, if these two factors are lost, it is shunned by customers and eventually pulled out of the market. This means that if trust between employees and trust from customers disappears, the "Well-Done Job" can also collapse, and herein the ordinary truth of "Why we should pursue ethical management.“

    Building a "Hard Work" with ethics and trust is not grandiose task. It is important to change the perception of "at least only me" and "starting from me." All executives and employees of our PHA will internalize the abstract concept of securing transparency and building trust through constant practice and implement ethical management practices. In addition, we will focus our attention and efforts as CEO and spare no management resources to build an organizational culture united with trust.

    We should always keep in mind that it is management philosophy of PHA to choose ethics over profits when ethics and interests conflict, and always making ethics the top priority for all judgments and actions.

    We strictly adhere to the principle of zero tolerance for the four major unethical acts such as bribery, embezzlement, information manipulation, and violation of sexual ethics, and firmly establish an ethical corporate culture to create a workplace where customers want to trade, shareholders want to invest, and employees work happily.

    I hope that today's declaration will serve as an opportunity to renew our commitment to ethical management.

    Thank you.