Human Rights Management


Create a Great Work Place culture

Mid/long-term Key Strategic Direction

1. Fundamentally prevent injuries by establishing a company-wide health and safety management system
2. Contribute to generating performance through a lasting labor-management culture based on communication and trust
3. Nurture mechatronics talent over the mid-to-long term to bolster competitiveness for new technology
4. Build a flexible and horizontal organizational culture for sustainable growth
5. Operate an HR management system intended for fair performance appraisal
6. Stabilize a global, wholesome organizational culture

Action Plan

  • Safety and health of employees

    Acquisition and retaining of ISO 45001 certification for all domestic workplaces
    Strengthening safety and health by establishing management policies

  • Working conditions

    To establish a flexible working culture, we operate a staggered working and an Flexible working system, and also to promote work and life balance by managing working hours and leave usage rates with KPIs.
    Precisely Communicate by disclosing working conditions such as employment rules and collective agreements.

  • Industrial relationship

    By improving working conditions and stabilizing Industrial relations, we realize corporate development and the welfare of employees.
    The joint labor-management conference is operated quarterly, and through this the matters necessary for the composition and operation of the conference are prescribed.

  • Career Management

    Provide various training programs and manage performance of each employees to make them get the highest level of professionalism and knowledge in the field
    Motivate employees by evaluating individual performance once a year and reflecting it into annual salary adjustment, Promotion and Staffing

  • Child and Forced Labor

    Do not force works such as assault, threat, captivity those oppress physical or mental freedom for every employees
    Obey labor code of each countries and regions that our global branches are located, and thoroughly prohibit child labour

  • Discrimination and harassment

    Prohibit discrimination in employment such as recruitment, promotion, salary, training on the grounds of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, obstacle, family relations, political orientation and respect diversity of employees.
    Prohibit every acts through superiority of status in the company or relationship such as sexual harassment, outcasting, swear words, violent languages those cause physical and mental pain to other employees or worse work environment inappropriately